Information for Competitive Piano Duets and Trios

Please read the information relevant to your exam grade.

Please note:

The participant can enter ANY of the Graded Categories no matter how old he/she is, if they are 18 years, or younger (19 years for piano concertos). For example, you can be 10 years old and enter grade 2, grade 5 or any other grade, depending on your current level.

It is possible to enter the grades 1-8 and Diploma class, and/or the Free Choice classes as either a competitive, or non-competitive candidate.


Duet Category 18 and under

Four hands on one piano. The performance should be up to 8 minutes in total. To compete, both participants are required to be under 18. However, if a participant is playing with an adult or his teacher it will be considered non competitive. There are no limitations for the Duet- it can be formed with a teacher, another child, relative, etc.

Class timings will be confirmed in May 2020 once all entries have been received. The day will start with beginner classes and progress through to senior level classes later in the day. All performers must use an original copy of the book. Photocopies for the adjudicator are not required.

Conditions for Entry:
All entrants will need to agree to the following terms at the time of entry:

By submitting this entry form I confirm that on behalf of the competitor(s) I have read and accept the Competition Regulations. I can also confirm that for all competitor(s) under 18 I give (or have obtained) the necessary consents for the competitor(s) to take part in the Competition. I understand that all tickets booked are non-refundable.

By entering this competition, I agree to the following regulations:

The performance will fit within the time limits, else the performer will be stopped. Please announce your piece on the day.

Consent is given for photographs of participants to be used on our social media sites and Competition promotional materials. If you do not consent, please inform us in advance of the event by email.